Hello, High Definition Winner!

I am so glad you are here! My name is Dr. Sonya R. Hamm, aka "The Prophetic Wealth Coach." My passion in life is to inPower High Definition Winners like You to Emerge, Excel, and Expand in Purpose, Power, and Profitability through building faith in biblical principles! Beloved, God has gifted you with His Promises and inner POWERS to create and live a High Definition Life and our community is ready to support you in reaching your highest potential!

Here in the Prophetic Wealth Zone, where, "All Things are Possible," we will teach you how to merge spiritual principles with practical action steps to boldly create and live the authentic, unapologetically, superabundant life you deserve to have!

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Inspiring You to Emerge, Excel, and Expand in Your Purpose, Power, and Profitability! You Are a High Definition Winner!


Sonya R. Hamm

Your Season of Silent Agony and Financial Despair is Over!

God is a God of abundance and there is no lack in His Kingdom! Is it OK if I speak plainly? Ok, the truth is, it’s time to get real with God and “Dominate Your Money!”